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Raymarine versus Furuno

белые ночи начинаются в мае как правильно установить мотор на транец лодки казанка м будет ли ловить каналы тарелка без ресивера ловля плотвы в мае вологда лодка интекс с сиденьями
сумка kosadaka m09 набедренная с коробкой lowrance hook 3x и 3x dsi воблер джакал макс сквад 128 отзывы воблеры baby minnow как ловить рыбу троллингом на озере
виброхвост это магазины по продаже рыболовных снастей в омске нахлыст с бомбардой чтоб хорошо клевало катушка твин пауэр 4000 pg купить на авито
всегда будь в лодке старая басманная 33 рыболов экспертизы воблеры серебряный вулкан самоподсекающая удочка рудавина купить лодочный мотор ямаха 30 бу на авито в красноярске

Our communities encompass many different hobbies and interests, but each one is built on friendly, intelligent membership. Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Sailing Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today. Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time. Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. Crew Wanted Crew Available. I prefer to buy all one manufacturer, get everything I need, and install it all in one fell swoop. Both of companies make great units.

furuno vs raymarine vs garmin

Both companies have jammed so many gee whiz features in that I think they have become less easy to use for basic navigation. Go to West Marine and play with the unit. Take your wife too. My wife does most of the chartplotter work on our boat so her opinion is important. My Garmin has 3D - I never use it. The two companies also offer different charts. Garmin has their own brand. Raymarine uses Navionics and now offers their own free charts too. The way the charts display can be quite different as you move around and zoom. This is especially true if you like to use "Course Up" instead of "North Up" orientation. I personally find the Garmin charts more legible in "Course Up" mode.

One more step

Garmin is by far the easiest one to use. Never need to pull out a manual as the user interface is great. My wife uses or Garmin all the time and has no issues with it. My C90W has built in charts and an internal antenna. Those were the strong factors to me. Found that out after the purchase. Pick a supplier that has a major presence in the Commercial Marine and aeronautical markets as well as the Leisure markets, better future proofing. Your decision to stick with one is very good. We recently added an AISfortunately Garmin bought the company and supported the legacy equipment fairly well. Which brings me to my point, Garmin turns into the lbs gorilla in every market they enter, terrestrial, avionics and now marine. Too bad, because some of our Raymarine stuff is approaching 35 yo, functioning fine. I hope someone remains standing to keep the boys from Lenexa honest. Raymarine has the jump on them overall in the marine market, and I doubt Garmin will be wiping them out any time soon. You only need a parachute to skydive twice. All it takes is one breakthrough and one company leafrogs ahead of many others in tech Even the 4 kW was better than all but a few So 5 years ago I would say Garmin seemed to be dominating. The latest Garmin is this years. I find the Garmins interface to be pretty intuitive if you have a clue about what you are doing. In the latest iteration the unit came with a USB interface. How to use it to download files is documented, but there is no mention of how to output position data to the USB. Can it be done. Not one word about it. It helps to have owned a previous Garmin with a USN interface so you understand the options. I personally find the poor documentation to be a major issue.


My Raymarine is much older but well documented. Maybe putting some information in the system might help. Their Navionics charts of the Bahamas is crap. Garmin has the Bahamas Explorer charts built in to most of there chart plotters. Explorer Charts are the most accurate for that area.

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  • I find the software for Windows 7 is extremely poorly written and is frustrating to use. It is not compatible with Win 7.

    furuno vs raymarine vs garmin

    I guess I will do that this week. The documentation, as mentioned above, is very poor. I know their series has 2 ports dedicated to this. Raymarine requires an external interface to talk to more than one of your pre-NMEA stuff. I have installed quite a bit of Raymarine equipment and think it is for the most part some real quality stuff. The only thing that drives me crazy is how they nickle dime you to death with the add on boxes. Originally Posted by Vasco. Really, really great information here. Really appreciate all this info. Please keep the thoughts coming. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Rate This Thread Excellent. BB code is On. Celestial Navigation with William Get your Freebag for Free this Introducing the Spectra Connect Adding LED fixtures wiring question. Water in encapsulated keel. Backing into a slip pointed into a Planning cruising and savings. Northwest Passage - Symmetrical Spinnaker without Pole. Refrigeration - Evaporator vs All times are GMT The time now is Click Here to Login. Display List of Vendors. Display Vendors by Location. Display Vendors by Map.

    furuno vs raymarine vs garmin

    Page 1 of 4. Island Packet 32 Posts: Garmin vs Raymarine Both of companies make great units. FP, Helia 44 Evo Posts: Garmin vs Raymarine Garmin is by far the easiest one to use. Garmin vs Raymarine My C90W has built in charts and an internal antenna. Triumphant Registered User Join Date: UK and Central America Boat: Garmin vs Raymarine Pick a supplier that has a major presence in the Commercial Marine and aeronautical markets as well as the Leisure markets, better future proofing.

    Garmin GPSMAP 64

    Manta 40 "Reach" Posts: Albin 40 double cabin Trawler Posts: Garmin vs Raymarine All it takes is one breakthrough and one company leafrogs ahead of many others in tech On the boat Boat: Endeavourcat Sailcat 44 Posts: Garmin vs Raymarine Garmin has the Bahamas Explorer charts built in to most of there chart plotters. None at this time Posts: Garmin vs Raymarine Quote: Garmin vs Raymarine Really, really great information here. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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