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Down Imaging

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Started by Sundancer General Discussion. Started by Fishton Humminbird In the News. Started by DougV General Discussion. Started by gros21 c SI. Started by Drifter Humminbird In the News. Started by rnvinc Helix Series Units. Please login or register.

humminbird down image settings

The Proof of Humminbird Down Imaging. A buddy of mine Mike Bucca performed this test. We worked for several days trying to figure out how we could prove the theory of Down Imaging and Fulle Coverage of SI. This test Proves it: Let me first go backwards a little bit with some images that have already been posted and then I will move towards my experiment. Does it strictly have 2 beams. Was Humminbird creative enough to have a 3rd beam inside with the intent of doing down imaging. We started off with this SI image.

humminbird down image settings

This is based on the "theory" that Humminbird uses 2 crystals and creates down imaging from these two crystals to get True Down Imaging. It was also "theorized" that there is a weak signal at the edge of the DI beams. In this photo there seems to be NO weak signal which is proven based on the crispness of this image above.

humminbird down image settings

So if in fact there is a gap or weak signal its surely not shown in these side images as the limbs and trunk is again clearly shown. So even with those two images and many others that were presented by Doug and myself I wanted to take it a step further. Here is a balloon.

Down imaging

It was blown up to roughly about the size of a volleyball. It is approximately 7 inches across. It is anchored by a milk jug full of rocks with twine and a bouy to above it which marks the spot on the surface.

humminbird down image settings

I was careful to take the boat out of gear to prevent it tangling in the prop as I heard the bouy slide under the hull. The math is 3. Can I get 3. Here is the cross segment of that experiment. Here is a bigger image of the screen shot. This one below shows that I had the sensitivity on just I bet I could have easily gone to 10 and still see the balloon. Here is proof in the pudding and what it all boils down to. Having done the test above proves that there is solid coverage below the boat. Knowing how to get quality images and basic tuning of your machine is part of getting the most out of your unit. I know I am Mike. February 03,Doug, Glad to have you over here on the forums. I have been trying to make this point for months. Thank you so much for such an intutive post. I look forward to seein more post from you. Jolly Roger Hero Member Joined: Germany, Lake Constance Posts: AS GR50, custom towfish and: Wow Doug, that is one hell of an article, thanks a ton. As we say over here "a picture tells more than thousand words", this is truly showing in your post. I really like the test setup and the results even more. Makes me also a bit jealous seeing some going out on the water, while I have the boat in winter storage. Thanks again and greetings from Germany Harry. Glad to see that you have joind us. Hope to see you more often. Freedom isnt free, if you want to know the real cost visit a national cemetery or VA Hospital. I can also be found at; http: Gives a lot of info. George Hero Member Joined: Always up todate Accessories: SI on Transom and Trolling Motor. DougV Welcome Doug, your overview is great. This is one for my archives, I have copied this so that I have it for reviewing over time. Looking forward to your insights. Thanks for the amazing tests. Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your imput. Now everyone that visits can see it for themselves. Do you think you get the same result with the balloon 1ft up from the bottom. First off I was some of the brain power behind this test but Mike Bucca from Georgia collected the data and photos.

We have been challenged on several public forums about our knowledge and about SI and DI. We knew it what it would do I forgot to mention that Mike performed the tests Guess I was so excited to show the results as I thought would happen. Like this one I split these willow trees: This photo you can see the trees prior to flooding when the water was in the parking lot here: This Bridge that has exact duplicate scans on both sides of the screen: I like to say the "Proof is in the Pictures". I cant believe none of the divers on the board here even said anything including mebut since the balloon is filled with air, it will compress under the pressure of the water. Defintely a joint effort. Doug had some good input as we planned this experiment. DougV on February 03,Kerr Lake NC Posts: I would like to play with that a bit. Triton Mike on February 03,If this is thrut, it would be great. But I think some more tests should be done before we can say hiphurray.

humminbird down image settings

Take for example that picture of the bridge. If the both halfs of the picture are exactly identical, there meight be something wrong.

Tips N Tricks 47 Humminbird Down Imaging Settings

In the balloon test, the balloon should be put on the bottom, and see whats happend. One explanation is that somthimes you can get so called "ghost echoes". That happends when the signal hits an hard an clear surface such as rock or steel on one side, and if the opposite side is empty. I have seen this happend several times. But dont ask me why it happens. There is still things to be explained and understod, and one must be openminded if we are going to learn new things and going forward. Thats why its so facinating. Sorry if Im sceptic. Thats just the way you get, when playing hundreds of hours whit theese "toys".

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  • Well my boat is covered whit 3 feet of snow, and the northern Baltic sea is covered by ice. So I cant go out and make testdrives, looking to the screen "from an new angel". Where did that global warming dissapeard?. If you look at the picture bellow. Tell me is the cursor right under the keel line or is it 20 meter on the right side of it. February 05.

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